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Jennifer Rush, née Heidi Stern is the daughter of a New York based opera singer (my guess: of German descent). She has a classical schooled voice, and even went to Juilliard to study piano. As a result, her biggest hit is an operatic masterpiece.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Celine Dions version. It has been covered many times, and the one from the Canadian singer is the most popular. My version will be Jennifer Rush though, there is a clear difference. Where Rush is clearly operatic, Celine Dion makes it a musical.

It might be a matter of taste, but Celine Dion’s version proves the point why I like Jennifer Rush better. It is fake, it is just silly voice effects. Ten years later, and the recording industry limits itself to these tricks. In America it was more popular though: Rush was mostly popular in Germany.

This was a huge discovery when I bought it. I loved the song when I was young, and by buying it in 1994, I could enjoy it once again. This was part of my rediscovery of pop music.

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