Upgrading the old player

No record today. My trusty record player is out for a major upgrade. It is almost completely going to be rebuilt. As I have explained on my page about gear, the LP12 is an upgradable system that can last a lifetime. There are people with a record player from the seventies with state of the art technology built in.

I can fake it and write some articles about records that I haven’t played yet. I’ve decided against that, and keep my integrity: every record I write about here I have heard right before I wrote about it. Since I cannot listen to the records currently, I cannot write about them.

If all goes well, it will take a few days. If more, I will post progress reports. For me this is an exciting time, because I’m very curious about the new sound.

So the extent of the work is, all built in the LP12 that was originally built in 1993:

  • New motor
  • New power supply (Radikal)
  • New pre amp (Urika 2)
  • New tone arm (Ekos SE)
  • New cartridge (Kandid)
the new arm is already put in

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