6 top hits from England


Some time ago I came across this kind of thing on YouTube. Apparently, for some time in the early days of the CD format, there were not enough albums with the pop hits. The recording industry just didn’t work fast enough. The old recordings had to be remastered for the new format, and that took time.

So new recordings were made, using similar artists, sometimes the same. But the result never was the same. Even when the original artist was doing the work, he got older, he got older and just couldn’t do it like in the original recording.

So these crappy recordings were published, and you have to look carefully to find out they’re not the originals. Also, the language that was used on the cover was hiding that fact. “Recording by the original artist” basically meant that everything ELSE was different.

I always thought this record contained real recordings. I didn’t listen to it in a long time, and I didn’t think about it either. Now that I’m looking more carefully, I see it is a fake. These are made by studio musicians, that try to match the sound of the original as much as possible.

I will not write one more word about this.

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