Don’t break my heart

You would wish this from everyone that touches your heart. I had my heart broken several times, but the first time it happened was a killer. I must have cried for days, and I thought the world had ended. Many years later my mother told me she always hated the girl that did it to me, because, well… she did it to me.

Of course this is also a song about a well known subject in pop music. I must have been 14 or something when I stayed at my grandparents house. My grandfather, never shy to be opinionated, orated that pop music was shallow, because it was always about love. He was probably trying to sell his religious music to me. To my ears it was an enormous affront!

Years later, his words still ring in my ears. Yes, it is mostly about love, but you have to admit, it is also quite the subject. If you cannot sing about what moves you, what can you?

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