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Okay. This is funny. I was preparing myself for a long search for this title. Even writing it didn’t go without one or two mistakes. In my administration this is called If I had you, which is one of the songs on it. But this one popped up in google, and it was the right one. Spotify the same: preparing for one track, I got the whole EP.

The American version came out on 12″ and had one extra track. Both versions never made it to CD, which is I suppose a rarity for the Dire Straits: they were the self appointed ambassadors of the medium. As you can see, they are available on streaming.

Somewhere I read these were songs that didn’t fit on the album Love over Gold. Although I notice it is at that same time, I also think these are so much different than the atmosphere on that album, I think it was also a conscious choice. The style juist wouldn’t fit.

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