Lindisfarne’s finest hour

A collection of songs from local seventies legend Lindisfarne. All of these are from the early seventies, but the band has existed until 1995, with breaks in between. The had a few big hits, one of which is on the record: The fog on the Tyne is all mine.

Reading about the band, I get the impression the were lacking some serious management. They split up several times, had trouble naming themselves, but always were a successful live band. Their live performances were legendary, and in their hometown of Newcastle, they sold out the city hall (over 2000 seats) every year.

Yet when listening to this record, I can imagine it to be a good live band, but in the studio it is just dead. I really had to struggle to get through this record.

Founding member Alan Hull died in 1995, and is commemorated by the city of Newcastle with a plaque in the City Hall where they performed more than 120 times.

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