Wishing on a star


I remember this song was popular as a cover by Simply Red, but I cannot find it anymore. I suppose I remember that wrong. Rose Royce is an American funk band that was until 1980 fronted by Gwen Dickey, aka Rose.

I suppose because it sounds almost the same as the famous car brand, the cover of the album In full bloom is decorated by The spirit of ecstasy, the famous statuette that adorns their luxury cars. The statuette is born out of an illicit love between an English Lord and his secretary.

While they were enjoying their secret love the ship the sailed was shot by a German u-boat in 1915. Lord Scott-Montagu survived, Eleanor Thornton didn’t. All that remains of her is the statuette, that turned into the emblem of the car brand.

Rose Royce’s song is about the longing for the rekindling of a love that is lost.

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