Beethoven: Symphony no 3 ‘Eroica’

Ignaz Neumark was a Polish born conductor living and working in the Netherlands from 1921. He started a tradition of concerts in the Kurhaus in The Hague that outlived him. He died in 1959, but not before performing on this record some years before.

Somehow this man reminds me of the stories my father told me about his first years in his job. As a policeman he had to work under the guidance of what was then considered nobility. These people were in his eyes of a totally different kind. He was always very proud that he got along with them, but somewhere in the stories I always detected a bit of envy.

Maybe it a picture of him with the conductor (Sir) Adrian Boult, maybe it was the fact that he was married to a lady of a Scottish-Dutch noble family. It just makes me realise this record comes from a totally different time. When listening to records like this, I don’t always realise that.

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