Since this is from the same collection as the previous one, I wasn’t expecting much from this record. But I was surprised to hear it contains quite nice danceable jazz. I didn’t know this Jo Duval, but it’s not bad. Somehow a search for his name didn’t get me much more though. Who is this?

Discogs to the rescue. There is a pseudonym he used: Jo Bouillon. Or maybe Jo Duval was a pseudonym, or maybe both. Who knows. Turns out he was a French composer. He was slightly successful during the late fifties, enjoying some fame as Josephine Baker’s fourth husband.

He and Baker divorced in 1961, but when he died in 1984, he was buried with her in Monaco. Anyone with more knowledge about miss Baker to tell me how that went?

Beautiful cover, but alas, I don’t have it. Like all of the landlady’s records, they came in an old fashioned book format, with the records in the pages. My version is a bit older than this, and doesn’t have the sleeves. Only the records themselves are kept in there.

a bit like this, only older

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