Immortal melodiesörfer-François-Le-

Will the hurting never stop? Well, this is a little better than what I had the last couple of days. At least it is – kind of – classical music, and I know a bit more about that than about latin romantic music. So here goes.

Benedict Silberman is the leader of the orchestra that is supplied by the record company. In those days record companies employed their own orchestra’s, and Concert Hall is no different. Luckily Silberman does have a wikipedia page, so yay. He was active in the Netherlands for the VARA broadcasting organisation, also as conductor.

Ben Silberman was born in 1901 in Finland, but settled in Amsterdam in the thirties. I cannot find what happened to him during the war: he was Jewish, so I suppose he had to hide for the German occupation. After the war he founded the Promenade Orkest, a name that might sounds familiar to Dutch readers.

He died in 1971 in Hilversum.

This record is a fine example of a record that can give people a good start when they want to listen to classical music. Even though the performance is very dated, it still has enough short melodies that make you wonder where they are coming from, and maybe even interested to know more.

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