Meisterwerke aus der Russischen Musik

Since I’m pretty sure records like these are not found on Spotify, I’m not going to look for it for very long. All I find are albums which have either ‘Russischen’ or ‘Meisterwerke’ in the name. When I added the name of the conductor in the search term, you would expect less results. Instead I got more.

Spotify works according to the principle that any answer is a good answer, it seems. I even saw results that had nothing to do with what I was looking for. Okay, you might say they were also classical music. It is this commercial thinking about search terms that really bugs me. It gets in the way of treating streaming, at least from Spotify, seriously.

When I look for ‘Meisterwerke Russischen Musik’ and ‘Dervaux’, is it too much to expect to get only those results that have all these words? Maybe I’m searching wrong, maybe there is a magic keyword. And what are those podcasts doing in there? Why can’t I get rid of those?

Quit pushing your commerce and send me things I ask for. I already pay for the subscription, so quit selling.

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