Paulus houdt grote schoonmaak

Paulus de Boskabouter was a comic that appeared between 1944 and 1984 in newspapers in the Netherlands. It was created by Jean Dulieu, a pseudonym of second violinist of the Concertgebouw Jan van Oort. This single appeared as promotional for several dry cleaning companies.

The title means Paulus is doing the spring-cleaning. To do this, he gets help from his biggest enemy Eucalypta, who actually just wants all things to explode. Cleaning up means something different for her.

The record is pressed using paper thin vinyl, so it fits in the booklet with some drawings and the story in text. Weirdly, that text is different from the spoken text on the record.

My recordplayer had some trouble with this thin material: under the record I have this very soft felt mat, and in combination with the thin record it almost feels as if the needle is pushing through it. No such thing happened of course, but it was a weird experience.

I remember there used to be more records like this, sometimes in magazines. Usually as a promotion for a product. I never listen to it, so I all but forgot about this record. It was funny to listen to it again.

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