Behind the gardens… behind the wall… under the tree…

You have to admit, seeing Andreas Vollenweider wink like that makes you wonder what really is going on behind those gardens of his. Funnily there are no gardens on the cover. Is there a sea behind the wall? Apparently the title is meant to mean directions to follow. You can find us there.

This is the electronic harpist’s first studio album, and it is also the first of a trilogy. The other two albums will be the results of these directions, I think.

I can joke all I want about the title and the wink, but the music is nice. It is well recorded, relaxing music, just what you can expect of a harp. Vollenweider was rather proud of his electrified harp, claiming it was a unique instrument. Nowadays you can find more of these, but it might be a bit more rare in 1981.

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