Bridge over troubled water

Personally, I find this the best record they ever made. It has an energy and drive that makes you listen to it, even though it is already old and stale. This classic is already from 1970, and even though the songs are well known, it still sounds good.

It is also their last record together. Soon after, tensions were so high, they decided to split and perhaps the most successful duo in pop history came to an end. And this final record bears testament to that. From ‘So long already Artie’ in So long, Frank Lloyd Wright to the reconciliation in Song for the asking, this record tells a story.

The backside of the cover. I just love the image

Art Garfunkel was working on an acting career, Paul Simon wanted to go solo with more world music (something foreshadowed by the Andean El Condor Pasa). They came together for a short while after the famous Concert in Central Park, but it was not to be. The voices fitted, the personalities did not.

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