De klok op rock

Normaal is not a normal band. They are singing in a dialect of Dutch that is substantially different from the standard, and this is part of the reason for their popularity. Other than that, the have some awesome musicians, and singer Benny Jolink is a powerhouse of blues rock. 

It is noticeable that the wiki article about the band is written by a fan. It describes the band in words that almost form their own language. Fans are anhangers, parties are høken, and the singers nick names are presented as if the reader already knows. This is a band from a different world, far from normal. 

Normaal started in 1974, had its biggest hit Oerend hard in 1977, and managed to stay together in all kind of different line ups to this day. Surprisingly you can still see them, but you’ll probably have to go to small agricultural places, in a tent.

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