Far beyond driven


Proof that radio works for music: I heard this so many times, that I started to like the song. I don’t remember on what show this was, maybe it was on MTV, maybe on some obscure radio show about metal music, but I liked the album. This is all I have from Pantera, so if there’s any fans about: enjoy it while it lasts.

It is odd that I always think of this album as being some shade of brown, with rather… explicit artwork on the cover. It is not. The blue one from the Spotify link is the real one, and this is a special edition. Two records, 45 rpm. Real high quality pressing, numbered edition and all. One of the highlights of my collection, in terms of value.

Far beyond driven also represents the last big album of the band before crisis struck. From 1995 onwards heroine addiction of the singer caused tensions in the band that led to its break up in 2003. Two of the guitarists formed a new band called Damageplan, but a year later disaster struck when one of them was shot by a fan during a concert in Columbus, Ohio. The incident is known as the Columbus nightclub shooting. It caused five deaths and three injured, and the cause is as of yet unknown.

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