Fauré – Requiem


There was a Dutch comedian that made a joke about the music you get served while you’re waiting for whatever phone service you request. So while you’re waiting for the hotline on how to make turkeys you get some waiting melody. 

It is never the requiem of Verdi though. I didn’t know that, so of course: challenge accepted. Somebody told me it was a complicated piece, so I had to listen, learn to understand it. And from the Verdi requiem I went to Fauré’s. 

Of all the requiems, this might be the most popular. Fauré manages in this piece to create an atmosphere so delicate and peaceful, anyone can imagine to die on it. Try if you can the In paradisum. It is just heaven. Also the music that was used in the dying scene of Inspector Morse, a series that I still like to watch now and then. 

This performance brings out this peacefulness like no other. I tried others, but that typical English clear sound always takes me back to this one. Is this piece used for burials you think? 

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