Paradise by the dashboard light

I must have been fifteen when I was invited to a birthday party of the sister of a friend of mine. Maybe I could play some records there, be the DJ? She was nice, so of course I said yes. I borrowed a record player suitable for the job, and I collected some stuff so I had something to play.

Boy was I in for a surprise. Nobody liked my Vangelis! Nobody even knew it! Luckily there were other visitors there to help me out, but in the end they ran the music more than I ever did. Ah well, what can I say. The sister still looked at me like she liked me, so it all ended up well for me.

It must have been during that birthday that I heard this record for the first time. I didn’t completely know what it was all about, but I decided I liked it.

It never worked out with the sister though. She was playing the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game for a while with me and my friends, but we never had this kind of moment again. I think some years later we totally lost contact.

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