Some five years before I found this, I fell in love with the hit single of this work, Pie Jesu. I had a tape of it and listened to it a lot. This probably the first Requiem I really listened to. Andrew Lloyd Webber is known for his musicals, and this might be considered a requiem-light because of that.

For all its pop and musical influences, there is real quality here. This is a sincere work, worthy of the name requiem. Webber wrote it in honour of his father, who died three years before. A requiem is a special mass in the Catholic Church in honour of the dead. The text is usually the same, a collection of texts from religious sources, all about giving eternal rest to the soul, and about what happens at the end of time.

Real famous examples of the Requiem include Mozart’s, Fauré’s, Verdi’s and… Webber’s. I will write about all of them as they will pass in my collection.

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