Carl Orff – Tournois & Troubadours

A curious work. I bought it, because it looks very medieval. I knew Orff from the Carmina Burana, and this was new to me, so I was interested. It turns out to be something completely different. I think I listened to it twice: when I bought it, and now.

The work is part of a ten part series called Schulwerk (School work, yes). The records are made in collaboration with Gunild Keetman, a former teacher.

Before, and during the war Keetman was working for the Güntherschule in Munich, Germany, founded by Dorothee Günther and Carl Orff. It was a school where music and dance, but also art in general, was combined to teach children. During the years 1930 to 1935 Orff wrote the Schulwerke for it.

The school existed until the end of the war, when it was bombed in an allied raid on Munich. Out of work, Keetmann developed the Schulwerk to a stand-alone package for teaching children, together with Carl Orff.

This recording is from 1950, but it was re-issued from the original 10 inch records to this format.

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