‘n Avondje Amsterdam


As a kid we had very friendly neighbours. They were old by the time I knew them, and they never had any kids. I suspect they wanted to have them, but somehow it never happened. They really liked us as kids, so every now and then they took us to eat at the local pancake restaurant.

Later, when I had my own place and was studying, one of them died. The house was too big for the woman that was still there. So she had to move, and was getting rid of some of her stuff. Some of that ended up with me. This is one record of just two. It makes me wonder what the connection with Amsterdam was. I didn’t grow up in Amsterdam, and in that place not many people really liked the big city.

One of the songs is mentioning café Nol, a bar that still exists, and apparently is a lot older than I gave it credit for.

For timekeepers: this is the first record I got in 1996.

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