Bartók – String quartets nrs 1 op 7 & 2 op 17ók-Tátrai-String-Quartet-String-Quartets-First-Quartet-Op-7-Second-Quartet-Op-17

Bartok wrote six string quartets, in thirty years. They were written in a time of great European turmoil: before, during and after the First World War. The last was started just one month before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Somehow, even though parts of these works are quite bleak (looking at you, third and fourth!) all seem to be weirdly untouched by the events surrounding them. Bartók did have trouble with the nazi regime though, and he fled the country in 1940, to settle in the US.

Although the Tátrai Quartet is not in the short list of famous performances, I always liked it. When I looked at closer I found out that it was originally mono, and was made to resemble stereo. And I never heard that, so either it must have been very well done, or I just have shitty ears.

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