Chopin – Les 14 Waltzesédéric-Chopin-Fritz-Kermann-Les-14-Valses

Dear Spotify,

For years I have used your excellent music service. Even though there are some issues with your (sparse) payments to musicians, I believe some of my money goes to the right hands, and I’m grateful for that. I do have one question though, can you please answer me that?

I’m looking for Fritz Kermann. There seems to be a Kermann, but it is not Fritz. Now I can hardly blame you for not having such an obscure pianist. Even the biggest music streaming service on earth cannot have them all, right?

But why do I get a page full of Herman van Veen? If I would be looking for mr Van Veen I would surely be able to spell his name. They are at least two letters apart, and a first name is not the same as a last name. I get you want to show off all you have, even though none of what you show is what I am looking for.

Are you suffering from a horror vacui? Does an empty result page cause you fears? Is it an issue with your financiers? Is your marketing department screaming about subscribers not able to find links they’re not looking for?

I am not asking if you can add poor old Fritz to the catalogue. From what I’ve heard he’s not worth it. But can you please stop bombarding poor innocent subscribers with nonsense results? It would make that fabled search algorithm really live up to its reputation.

A music lover.

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