A delightful collection of Irish drinking songs. But also, the Dubliners are more politically activists than I expected. It is not only drinking fun in their repertoire. You do have to get through the sound of the whisky in their voices though.

This is one of those records that I know by heart. I have sung all the songs with them. To make it easier, there is a small booklet supplied with all the texts. Probably my old landlady would remember me singing it.

The second song on these records (yes, a set of three) is a song about ‘the’ Springhill mining disaster. Wikipedia mentions there were three of them: one in 1891, and two in the fifties. I think they are singing about the last of those, because they mentioned twelve miners who were partly rescued. Some of them took their whole life to dig their own grave, they go on sarcastically. The disaster also got quite a lot of media attention.

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