Heaven and hell


With respect to the titles, this album is a shambles. This might be the first really successful album that Vangelis did. Maybe that is the cause of the title mixup. In the first version of this album there were two parts: Heaven and hell, I suppose. Each of these was subdivided into smaller parts, with separate titles. The record itself held only one track though.

So maybe when the CD came around, they didn’t want to do any fancy splitting up, so there were only two tracks, with just two titles. But then Jon Anderson wanted to be credited on the hit song So long ago so clear, so that was the only title that made it. And that is how I have it, on this record.

Backtracking some of Vangelis’ titles is a hassle sometimes. For some albums there are different versions of the same song, even though they were published under the same name.

It is a joy to listen to this album though. And to look at as well.

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