In retrospect

Somewhere in the early sixties, Bill Smith started a trio and named it after his daughter Corrie. The Corrie Voices was born, but it didn’t exist for long. Maybe because the name also is a Scottish word for a bowl in a mountain, it stuck and eventually formed the name of the duo that worked together for a long time: The Corries.

After some personnel changes, Bill Smith was left with Ronnie Brown and Roy Williamson. The three invited a female singer called Paddie Bell. The four of them created this record. It is the only one where the later Corries were accompanied by a female voice.

There are several really nice tunes on this record. A couple of them were later done by the Corries as a duo. In comparison I think the later versions are better, they have more strength and confidence with the material. If you know the Corries though, this is a nice alternative.

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