The last of the troubadours

Nimbus records was founded in 1972 and has been at the forefront of recording technology. They were the first company to produce a cd in the UK, and on this record from 1981 they produced a recording in ambisonic sound. A special decoder would be needed for their specific kind of ambisonic, so I cannot hear it. 

Regular stereo creates a depth in the listener’s stage, good stereo allows the listener to place the instruments in the space. Surround sound adds to that a more immersive experience, where sound can come from around the listener. However, all of this is still in a 2 dimensional field: the circle around the listener is still flat. 

Ambisonic creates the third dimension. Now the sound changes along a third axis: higher or lower from the listener. S/he can sonically look up or down. It is used for instance in YouTube 360, and in some games. 

Nimbus put their particular kind of ambisonics, UHJ, on this record. I am not able to hear it, I don’t have the necessary decoder. But even without it, this record is a one of a kind high level sound experience. Cut for 45 rpm, there is more space in the recording, giving the music a beautiful, light-hearted feeling. 

The music itself is also quite special, it’s reliving the past of the medieval itinerant musicians. A truly unique record. 

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