No future U.K.?

Although not the first, the Sex Pistols were certainly the most influential bands of the emerging punk scene. They defined what it meant to be punk through numerous scandals. The band was more scandal than music. Officially there is just one studio album. This is not that album. This is a re-release of an unofficial re-release of a record that never existed. Can you still follow?

The origins of the Sex Pistols lay somewhere in 1972, but not under that name. Their fortune changed after they found singer Johnny Rotten (his stagename because of his bad teeth) from amongst a crowd. They liked him because of his attitude and his I hate Pink Floyd shirt.

Scandal and public violence was followed by heroin and murder. Reading the wikipedia page I’m surprised they made any music at all. What I do understand though is that they were serious about music. Fanatical anti establisment mixed with anarchy, but what they made was turned into gold.

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