Verdammt ich lieb’ dich

It must have been right before I bought this record. It was a brisk evening, and I was outside with my girlfriend. There was a lot of noise around me, both music and people chatting and screaming. I was at the yearly fair on the Damsquare in Amsterdam. She wanted to go there, I… not so much. I was studying, and low brow culture like a fair was beneath me.

However, there I was, confronted with Matthias Reim shouting through the big speaker standing next to me. The speaker was as tall as me, and blaring Verdammt ich lieb’ dich. I liked the song, and was thinking by myself I shouldn’t like it. The very definition of a guilty pleasure.

Checking the date I bought it… yes, it was on the day of Queensday. A good time for a fair.

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