20 Original Greatest Hits Volume Two


Another part with 20 greatest hits of the band so far. Come to think of that, how did that work? After the first part there was another set of twenty hits that were also the greatest? These didn’t make the first batch, but were also the greatest? Ah well. They are good, indeed.

A song that always makes me laugh a bit is The Button Pusher. A song about the poor sod that has to push the button the unleashes the atomic bomb.

I am the man, the well fed man
In charge of the terrible knob
The most pleasing thing about it
It’s almost a permanent job

When the atom war is over
And the world is split in three
A consolation I’ve got, well, maybe it’s not
There’ll be nobody left but me

And it goes on to say he can also just push the button on a whim. Whenever he is not feeling well, or thinks do not go this way, he can always press the button and listen to the blast.

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