Brahms: Hongaarse dansen; Borodin: Polowetser dansen; Falla: rituele vuurdans; Dvorak: Slavische dansenété-Des-Concerts-Du-Conservatoire-Constantin-Silve

A best of the classics, with many easy listening pieces. I’m pretty sure I bought it because of the Polovtsian Dances, a work I already knew. The record was published as part of a series that I also was familiar with from the small collection of my parents. 

The dances are a series of different parts, used as ballet intermission for the opera Prince Igor by Borodin. The opera itself was left unfinished when the composer died, and was subsequently reconstructed by Glazunov and Rimsky-Korsakov-Korsakov. 

Together with the Polovtsian March from the same opera, the music also serves as a suite, to be performed as a separate piece during a concert. They were also used for the musical film Kismet from 1953. I wrote about that earlier. 

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