Chants liturgiques orthodoxes – Vêpres et mâtimesœurs-Russes-Féodor-Potorjinsky-Chants-Liturgiques-Orthodoxes-Vêpres-Et-Mâtines

This is without any doubt the most beautiful recording of liturgical music I have ever heard. The Melodie’s are beautiful, the singing is really authentic. As I’ve noticed before, the singing is not only by men, but also by women, so the mix is delightful. The acoustics make you feel like you really are in an old abbey. 

The recording is made in the fifties. The label specialized in going to remote places to hear the monks, and creating these field recordings. Many of the singers had never seen a microphone, let alone recording devices like that. I imagined how that went: a pair of intrepid adventures, scouring the countryside looking for monasteries. 

Starting with this record, I have collected many of the records from this label. And though this is the absolute masterpiece, many others will follow. 

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