Every now and then, my sister took me to the movies, and every one of those movies I remember. Diva is one of them. The film is from 1981, and musically that is noticeable. Weird electronic minimalism, mixed with opera and piano. 

Something I found out while studying the cover, is that the singing in the movie is actually done by a real opera singer. Sure, you might expect that, but in this case she’s also playing the character. Wilhelmenia Fernandez played the role when she was around 30, and back then already, I found her beautiful. What can I say, I go for tall women. 

But I always thought her singing was dubbed, and I think it is noticeable. Sometimes it is not exactly in sync. While this is usually a problem with performing music in film, if she is singing it herself, I would expect a better sync. Of course it was added in post production, but they didn’t do a very good job. 

The aria Ebbeb? Ne andrò lontana is from La Wally, by Catalani. A composer mostly known by opera lovers, and an aria only known by that same crowd. I tried the opera much later, and was disappointed. 

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