Hoe controleert u zelf uw stereo-apparatuur


By now it is August 2003, and I am trying to finally solve my issue with my stereo. For years, I was missing the left channel. It kept failing on me, and I just didn’t know why. I already changed my record player multiple times, but it kept coming back. Because it happened only for the record player, I thought that was the problem.

It turned out it was actually the amplifier: the switch that was used to change channels had collected dust, and as a result was no longer able to connect completely. To help me in my search for a solution, I bought some test records here and there. This is one of them.

This one also has an empty track, to check the tracking force of the arm. If set correctly, the arm should stay in one place. On mine, it races to the centre of the record. Panic? No, when looking at the track, I can see it is actually filled with traces of previously botched attempts, all pointing towards that middle. My guess would be it just follows that. So far for this testing record.

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