Mahler – Kindertotenlieder / Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellenára-Takács-Sándor-Sólyom-Nagy-Budapest-Symphony-Orchestra-György-Lehel-Kindertotenlied

When it was new to me, I remember I listened to this record a lot. I really liked it, and now that I listen to it again, I realise why. It breathes Mahler. The performance is exactly is it should be. It has subtlety enough, but also strength. And the recording allows this quality to come out in all its glory.

About Klára Takács I cannot find that much. She was mainly known as a mezzo soprano singing opera. I was wondering if she was related in some way to the Takács Quartet, but I haven’t found a connection. Both Takács and Lehel are from Hungary. If I could reads that beautiful language I can tell you more, but alas.

A really beautiful cover though, telling the story of both works. It is really creative.

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