Mozart – Idomeneoürich-Werner-Hol

The opera Idomeneo, re di Crete ossia Ilia e Idamante went in premiere in Munich in 1781. It was based on a French text, and composed in French fashion. Typical French is for instance the possible inclusion of a ballet. This is what later was called opera seria, serious opera. To distinguish it from opera buffa, the comic opera.

I think during this time I was buying too much. I have never given this opera the attention it deserves. The performance and recording are superb, I just never got to know the work very well. And it needs a bit more attention to get all of the beauty that is in here.

Incidentally, I have arrived in 2001 already. The last few records I bought after I moved in my current apartment. That was a big moment for me. My taste changed, and this is going to be a totally different time.

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