Mussorgsky – Pictures from an exhibition

I wrote earlier about this work, so this is the second performance I have of it. I think the earlier one, from Gwyneth Pryor, is better. This one is just not as sparky as the previous version. Emil Gilels I also already wrote about. I was not impressed then, and weirdly for the same reasons that are plaguing me here. It is just too heavy for my taste.

Not much more to add then? Well, this record also contains five sonatas by Scarlatti. These sounded new to me. I’m not that well versed in Scarlatti, but maybe I heard them before. It might also be that I just don’t recognise them this way. I take care listening to the historically correct versions that don’t use a piano for a baroque work.

If this sounds like I’m totally unimpressed, that is also not true. It is still a nice recording, and well worth a listen. If you can find it, because it is not on Spotify.

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