Schubert – Vierhändige Klaviermusikändige-Klaviermusik

Piansts go crazy for this kind of recording, because it is performed on a fortepiano, the kind of instrument that Schubert would have played it on. The instrument has some extra features to make the music more expressive, and can create sounds that are not possible on a modern piano.

That might be interesting, and I can hear the difference, but it usually doesn’t make me very enthusiastic. It makes me think my stylus is not okay, or maybe the recording is just bad, or something like that. But in this case I think my new record player is doing it’s thing. I can hear the subtle differences, and this time I can hear they’re coming from the instrument, and not from a faulty recording.

Yay record player, yay me. But do I now like it more? I don’t know. It still has this dusty feeling for me. Maybe it is because I’m not used to it, and I have to hear it more often.

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