Chants du souvenir tirés de la liturgie Juiveés-De-La-Liturgie-Juive-Yzkor

One of the more curious items in my collection. Curious for me, that is. I don’t have that much Jewish music. Sholom Katz sings memorial songs, mostly to remember what happened to the Jews in the Second World War.

Sholom Katz was cantor at the synagogue, but where is unclear to me. It is called Beth Shalom, but that name is in use by a lot of synagogues all over the world. What I can find about him is an obituary from 1982, in the Washington Post.

In Keil molei rachamim (a prayer for the soul of a lost one), Katz laments the six million Jews that died during the war. He adds the names of the main concentrations camps to the traditional text. The recording was awarded the Prix-du-disque by the French magazine Paris-Match in 1954. It appears on this record.

This record is from 1958, and is in English known as “Lest we forget“.

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