Het concertgebouw – Een muzikaal monument


In 1983 the management of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam discovered that years of neglect had taken its toll: the building was slowly sinking in the mud, with its foundation rotting away. The building was in danger. An expensive restoration plan was developed, to rescue the building.

The world class acoustics had to be preserved, and the management could not afford to close the building while it was renovated. So all of this happened while the building stayed open. A new wing was added, the entrance was moved, and in the cellar extra facilities were created for musicians and storing instruments.

A national wide support action was organised, and people were able to give money to help the Concertgebouw. If they did, they got this record as a present. It contains historical recordings of the orchestra’s big successes.

I found this letter inside
discogs has another version

Unintentionally, the cover of this record is historical: it has the building without the new wing on the left side, the entrance to the front, and the old road over the square in front of the building. Now an ugly building for the underground parking place is right in front of the Concertgebouw, obscuring the view that this cover still shows.

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