The music of Cosmos

If there is a single record that had the most influence on my musical taste, it is this one. This is the official soundtrack of the PBS television series with Carl Sagan. Made in the early eighties, when the space-craze was at its peak and the Space Shuttle just starting. I don’t remember ever seeing the series itself, but I was absolutely fascinated with the music.

Lots of Vangelis here, but also some classical music, and a couple of tracks from folk music from different parts of the world. After listening to the record a thousand times, I made sure I got separate recordings for all of these. This record started musical journeys for me I could never have imagined.

I think YouTube used to have the series, but I can no longer find it. It has been published on DVD, but because of copyright issues for the soundtrack, it took a while before it was. The soundtrack is also not on Spotify.

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