Mahler – Sinfonie nr 4

Last time I wrote about exactly this recording, I complained about looking for it on Spotify. Of course it is a challenge to better oneself… So I tried again. It is still not there, I did my work well last time. A pity, really, I think this is a good recording.

Elly Ameling, the star of the fourth part of this symphony, was in a show about classical music just last week. Of course by now she is quite old, but she still had some energy. She was not singing, but she was there to give a prize in her name to somebody else. She is now the grande dame of Dutch singing. Apparently she used to be called the Dutch nightingale.

Or so they told me in that show. I read now on the wikipedia page that there is an EMI boxed set of CDs out under that name. So maybe someone did a little marketing?

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