Bericht van de Tweede Wereldoorlog

A collection of historic speeches, readings and news bulletins from World War II. All very short fragments, and listening to this record is more like a history lesson with the teacher connecting all these fragments together. The teacher in this case being Philip Bloemendaal.

Philip Bloemendaal is well known in the Netherlands. Born in 1918 in an orthodox Jewish family, he survived the war and started in 1946 at Radio Herrijzend Nederland as newsreader. He is best known as the voice of the “Polygoon Journaals“, news reels in the cinema. He worked until 1986, the end of the Polygoon journaal. For people of my generation his voice is easily recognisable, and will always be connected to these items.

The voice was also used for the Amsterdam metro. His voice called the stops of the line, and the warnings for closing the doors. They even made the recordings for other possible stops, so to be future proof. In my mind I can still hear it whenever I am in there. It sounded way better than the language mistake that is there now.

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