Day after tomorrow

Joan Baez’ twenty fifth studio album is a collection of songs written by others. The title song is written by Tom Waits. I knew it already from his album Real Gone. This is Joan Baez in a totally different period than her early albums.

When I bought some of the earlier albums at the Recordfriend shop, the guy that used to work there told me he didn’t like Joan Baez. In fact, he told me in such a grumpy way that I was doubting I should buy any record at all. I didn’t agree with him then, but if I had known only her later work, I admit he was right. It is not bad, sure, but her voice is just a bit flat.

The record itself is American import. I’ve said this earlier, but back then records were more special, and were sold at decent prices. There were not that many, and sometimes they were not published on the European market. The ones that were, were of pretty good quality.

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