Giuliani – Gitarrenkonzert op. 30 / Rodrigo – Concierto madrigal für zwei Gitarren

Giuliani is not the former mayor of New York, but he is a composer that was active in Vienna and Italy at the start of the nineteenth century. Mauro Giuliani had some success as guitar player and cellist. He met the famous composers of the day, and played in their concerts. He made guitar versions of operas by Rossini, and organised a series of concerts with the composer Hummel. For classical minded guitar players he might still be known as a writer of studies and exercises for early training.

This is not bad work, I admit, but it is a bit of a B choice. The same goes for the work by Rodrigo, a composer known best for his Concierto d’Aranjuez. It is well recorded though, and of course the Romeros can do anything with a guitar. Pepe and his son Angel play mostly flamenco, but this suits them as well.

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