Kill Bill Vol. 2

The soundtrack to a film about bloody murder and revenge. Musically an homage to Ennio Morricone and spaghetti westerns, but also an epic show of admiration for Japanese cinema. When they came out, I was not impressed, but as I was listening more to the music, the films also started to grow on me.

The backside of the cover shows Quentin Tarantino in a friendly pose with lead actress Uma Thurman. However, right after filming the friendship between the two had turned sour because of an accident during filming. Tarantino forced her to do a stunt and she was injured because of it. She is suffering from chronic knee and neck injuries to this day. Film company Miramax didn’t want to show her any proof of what happened until she signed a waiver. She refused to sign. The matter was settled ten years later, when Tarantino showed her the footage. The scene never made it into the film.

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