It must have been around this time that I was invited to help some friends out with a sand sculpture event. They had been doing this kind of art for a while now, and had their own festival somewhere in the country. It was a success in the past, so they asked their friends to help out with the organisation. During the festival I heard this one hungover morning and I liked it.

The location where I heard it was shaped like a small circus. That image gives the memory of this music an extra colour. Imagine sitting with a hangover, in an empty circus, with Janis Joplin singing like a scarecrow.

This was the first 180 grams record I bought. This slowly became a thing in records, making the vinyl more heavy in an attempt to make it sound better. The discussion is still out if it really does. The augmented weight of the record also makes it slightly thicker. The added thickness leads to a small raising of the arm, so it is not straight anymore. I never heard the difference, but there are some very sensitive ears that claim they do (or rather the owners of said ears). In that way the attempt to make these records sound better might just results in the opposite.

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