After singer Ian Curtis’ sad farewell to this world, all that was left of the English New Wave band was this strange collection. Some never before released material (usually rightfully so) combined with some badly produced live performances. For die-hard fans of early New Wave it might be indispensable, judging from the prices that are offered for this record.

No matter how I don’t really like the record, I believe it does the band right. It gives a good impression of what they sounded like. It is just that… after Hidden pleasures and Substance, there is not so much else that I would want. I believe I have heard them, and no amount of garage punk is going to change that.

This is one of the few records I bought at a place I passed regularly back then: Waxwell records in Amsterdam. In these years there were some struggling small record stores that didn’t ask the astronomical prices of these last years. According to the website the shop is still there, but I haven’t seen it in a while. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention when I passed it.

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