Suzanne Vega

Singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega’s self titled debut album. There is a connection with the album I wrote about yesterday: the Lenny Kaye, the guitarist of the Patti Smith Group is guitarist on this album, and his production very much focuses on the crisp sound of his plucking. The result is an almost perfect soundstage, that still stands to this day.

I had the pleasure of seeing her live in Amsterdam, and I admit to being enthralled. Her performance is captivating and every bit as beautiful as this recording. With some friends we call her the compromise artist though, because she turns out to be the only musician that we all like. That concert was the one with the highest attendance from all of us.

Later I got a recording from a colleague. He had contacts at the venue and was able to give me a download of the concert, taken straight from the mixing table in the venue. It was in high (CD) quality, something quite rare for a download in those days. I was very happy with it, but lost it when my harddisc died and I didn’t have any backups.

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