Alles van Jaap Fischer

Not exactly the same album, but the songs are the same, in different order

What we now would call a singer-songwriter, Jaap Fischer enjoyed a short period of fame as a student in Leyden, singing short sarcastic songs that were then put on 45 rpm singles by the Studenten Grammofoonplaten Industrie (SGI). The records got so popular that the shy singer escaped the publicity and disappeared. There were rumours about him having committed suicide. Those might be fitting the legend, because it was also told he had to be taken into an asylum.

None of that was true. He just switch universities and stopped singing. He went abroad for work, but eventually started singing again, this time under the name Joop Visser. In interviews he didn’t want to talk about the earlier period. It was as if he was ashamed of it, but the songs speak for themselves. If you are Dutch or can understand the language (not likely), I would urge you to try. They are hilarious.

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